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Last Updated: 9/21/16


It has been a few years since I've attended any shows, and I've taken a complete hiatus from raising rabbits after losing my entire herd in a dog attack in January of 2016. However, I'm excited to announce that I will be attending the upcoming ARBA Convention in San Diego and plan to restart my Jersey Wooly herd over from scratch. A brand new, much more dog-secure rabbit barn is also in the planning phase. Stay tuned for updates!

Welcome to the Rabbitry!

I have been breeding rabbits since 2010, but I've been exhibiting them since 2009. Sundew Rabbitry is located in Weldon, CA.

Since the start, I have been raising Jersey Woolies in the Broken, Self, Shaded, and Tan Pattern groups. My original Wooly herd came mainly from LeSage's Woolies, Amy's Barn, Silent Spring's, and White Oak's(WO's). I will be purchasing a new start-up herd this October at Convention.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at

Shows I will be attending(I generally only plan local shows about 2 months in advance, so please check back for show updates!):

2016 ARBA Convention in San Diego, CA!

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                      2010-2011 Youth Jersey Wooly of the Year

Sundew's Lady Luck is #15 Rabbit of the Year

Sundew's ChunckMuffin is #24 Rabbit of the Year

                           2011 Youth Jersey Wooly Nationals

BEST SELF- Sundew's ChunckMuffin

BEST OPPOSITE SEX SELF- Sundew's Magick Moment

BEST SHADED- Sundew's Lady Luck


BEST OF BREED- Sundew's Lady Luck

Best White Wool- Sundew's ChunckMuffin

Best Colored and Best Overall Wool- Sundew's Starry Night

*REG. G.C.* LESAGE'S PIANO MAN- my first Jersey Wooly!



RESERVE IN SHOW at the 2010 Santa Barbara Fair Youth Show!

BEST IN SHOW at the Kern County Rabbit Breeders Association OPEN SHOW on 5/28/10!

BEST IN SHOW at the Riverside County Rabbit Breeders Association Youth Show on 7/10/10!

Sire of the '11 Youth National Best of Breed doe, Sundew's Lady Luck(12 legs)!

Sire of the '11 Youth National Best White Wool and Best Opposite Sex of Breed buck, Sundew's ChunckMuffin(6 legs)!

Sire of the '11 Youth National Best Colored Wool and Best Overall Wool doe, Sundew's Starry Night(2 legs)!

Sire of the '11 ARBA National Convention Best Shaded Junior Buck and 2012 RESERVE IN SHOW winner, Sundew's Lady's Man(19 legs)!

Sire of the multiple BIS and RIS winner, Sundew's Secret Obsession!

Sire of the multiple BIS and RIS winner, Sundew's Uptown Girl!

Grandsire of the 2012 BEST IN SHOW winner, Sundew's Peppermint Twist(11 legs)!

Currently has 7 Grand Champion legs!!

Member of:

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)




National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club (NJWRC)



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